Replacement of piping system at Højby Pumpestation

Højby Pumpestation is a heating facility within the heating district of the Danish Island, Funen. 

Recently we completed a campaign at Højby Pumpestation, which included cutting down the existing piping system and replacing it with new components, including all pipes and pumps from the floor. 

When dealing with maintenance, replacement, and construction of piping systems at district heating plants, we need to operate fast and firm as it involves shutting down the district heating, leaving residents without heat for several hours. 

Within 15 hours we were able to remove the existing components and placing the new bends. Thereafter, we completed the campaign by building up the rest of the piping system. 

Thank you Fjernvarme Fyn A/S for the trust to service and maintain your heating facilities and of course a big thank you to our service technicians for doing a great job.

Inspecting turbines in Morocco

Inspecting turbines in Morocco, performing UT, PT, MT & PAUT hydroform corrosion mapping on internal circular welds of turbine tower, finding internal corrosion, and crucially wall loss externally.

To perform advanced NDT and welding repair solutions in confined spaces or not easily accessible areas, requires special techniques & methods. At 3WIS we have been rope access certified since 2022, thus being able to get the necessary access to perform advanced NDT and repair solutions on any area imaginable within the Wind, Marine & Energy industry. From repair tasks and inspections on the inside and outside of tower structures to confined spaces on vessels and energy facilities – we handle the tasks following all safety measures.

Rectification of central engine room

Steam turbine Inspection

Offshore platform replacement