Stiesdal - Offshore floating foundations

Translating practical experience into theory: supplying specialized welding and NDT knowledge to the concept development of Stiesdal’s Tetra-range of modular offshore floating foundations. 

Stiesdal Offshore A/S develops and commercializes solutions with the aim of mitigating climate change. During the concept development of their offshore floating foundation, 3WIS got involved as advisors during the design and concept phase. 
About the collaboration, Per Hyldahl, Chief Engineer at Stiesdal Offshore A/S, says:
During the concept development, we were looking for external competencies and sparring regarding the welding and NDT. Therefore, we contacted 3WIS who brought both expertise and practical experience into the dialogue. Especially their practical experience made sure that we had thought it through – from initial design to final execution – which also shed light on challenges and solutions we had not immediately identified”.
Thank you for the trust and possibility to bring our specialized knowledge into play during this exciting development for the future floating wind industry.  

Framework agreement with Fjernvarme Fyn

Earlier this year we made a framework agreement with @Fjernvarme Fyn, a four-year-maintenance agreement of the heating district of the Danish Island, Funen. 

At this point, we have already executed on the first five cases and solved them with great success. 

We are beyond excited about this agreement and thankful for the trust, we have been given. 

We are looking very much forward to collaborating with Fjernvarme Fyn the coming years. 

Yaw & pitch gear repair in Taiwan

Performing yaw and pitch gear repair, including NDT inspections on large offshore project in Taiwan.


Yaw rings are a vital component for power production. However, worn-down yaw rings are a common challenge, often requiring taking down the nacelle and replacing the entire yaw ring - An extensive and costly repair, causing critical downtime for the wind turbine. 

At 3WIS we offer a welded repair solution performed both on- and offshore with no need for removing and replacing the entire yaw ring. Our certified yaw ring repair procedure, including pre and post inspections, is performed onsite, repairing only the worn-down teeth, and thereby reducing the downtime of the turbine to only a few days. 

With our yaw rings pitch repair, we offer our customers a solution at minimum cost and risk with no need for lifting operations and thereby getting the wind turbine back to producing power as fast as possible.