Welding inspector for 3W Industrial Service

Welding inspector for 3W Industrial Service

At 3W IndustriService, a new welding inspector – Kenneth Pedersen – joins the ranks. Kenneth already trained as an International Welding Specialist (IWS) in 2016 and has now expanded his skills with a training for International Welding Inspector (IWI-S).

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An advantage both internally and externally

“We are very happy to have a welding inspector on the staff. Internally, it equips us better to deal with the increasing demands. For the requirements, in the tasks we solve, are becoming ever more complex. At the same time, however, it is well in line with the business development we have internally outlined that we would like to achieve. And of course this requires that we also develop our in-house competencies so that they can match our goals,” says CEO Kim Jacobsen and continues:

“Externally, it strengthens us, because we want to be able to offer our customers even greater know-how and flexibility. We really want to help our customers with task solution within complicated welding, high documentation requirements and therefore now also inspection of ongoing and completed welds. We therefore see it as a great advantage that we get more “muscle power”. Not only to lift welding coordination, but also that we are also able to support our continued development.”

Kim Jacobsen

Enhanced competences

Kenneth Pedersen, as was the case with his IWS, has undergone the training at Force Technology, where are training was conducted in accordance with the IIW Guideline IAB-041r4-16:

  • Understanding and choosing different NDT methods
  • Compliance checks
  • Verification of compliance by welders
  • Sampling on current welds – compliance with heat input jvf. Wps
  • Inspection of welds, welding defects and quality assessment and protection
At 3W IndustriService, we offer congratulations to Kenneth Pedersen