BWTS can pave the way

BWTS can pave the way

At 3WIS A/S in Munkebo, we are looking forward to starting the tasks within ballast water systems in earnest.

Production in its own framework

In Munkebo, 3WIS is right now in the process of completing a BWT task. Here, a fully pressure tested and galvanized pipe pack incl. foundation in black steel for a ballast water unit is being constructed. 3WIS will also be responsible for mechanical installation and associated conversion of machinery spaces on the container ship MT; Wilhelm while the ship is in operation.

“We are always happy to continue to work well with our customers and, in particular, to have the opportunity to move into a new segment with so much Potential. We have received drawings and purchases from the customer, but our their own project managers have, of course, carried out a thorough review of the for safety,”

Frode Iversen – CTO

When 3WIS comes on board, ensures to establish a very good cooperation with the customer to ensure the optimal flow of the entire installation and startup. We also look to working with some brand new solutions for installation – welding coordinator Kenneth Pedersen explains:

“We must try a solution about coating that is completely new for both us and for our customer. It must be address some of the challenges we face in the context of cutting and fitting of pipes on board. And it should be very happy this means that we can run the installation even more smoothly than before. We have had a good preparation with the supplier of coating solution to ensure that everything goes smoothly.”

Kenneth Pedersen

3WIS believes in BWTS

To deliver a good result on the ongoing task is of course the alpha and omega – but Frode Iversen makes no secret of the fact that this task may pave the way for even multiple tasks in the BWTS segment:

This will give us some important experience in the ballast water market that we look forward to drawing on in the future. We really believe that it is a type of task that fits well with our set-up, because we can offer both the right production facilities and the flexible and skilled employees needed to ensure a good result. We have good experience working with both engineers and class companies, and we can handle both all and part of the process, and that is the flexibility we just look forward to offering our customers.

Frode Iversen