What did we learn from SMM?

What did we learn from SMM?

3WIS visited the SMM Fair this year in the days from 4 to 7 September. The world’s largest maritime fair ran again this year in Hamburg – and again lived up to its name.

A professional trade show

“The experience of SMM was good – really good even! SMM, all the times I have participated, has been a strong and well-run trade show. Such things as logistics, information and preparation at the organizers have a huge impact on how much we feel “we bring home”. Here, SMM has always hit a high level.”

Simon Øland

But there were other positive signs, too. For 3WIS experienced a marine market that had moved a lot since the last SMM. And Simon Øland sees great opportunities in the stakes that emerge:

“What was really interesting to us was to see how ready the market had become for installations of ballast water treatment and scrubbing systems in accordance with the market. The new IMO regulations. Two years ago, we went into the SMM with that belief – and my impression is that we were certainly not alone with it – and we also walked away with an intact faith. After that, we and many others might end up being a bit disappointed. Because the development didn’t quite follow as quickly as we’d hoped — “we weren’t there quite after.” But we are now.”

Simon Øland

Now come the possibilities

As a pipe and construction company, you can get a lot out of:

“We see how manufacturers have many orders for BWTS systems and scrubbing systems. And here we, and companies like us, can contribute a great deal in the market. Delivery times for installation are increasing sharply in line with demand and we want to help ease that pressure on manufacturers. If you, like us, have a strong crew side that has experience with more complicated installations and the documentation that comes with it, then there are really good opportunities.

We have previously served as a partner for a large player, where we were responsible for the installation of their testing system for BWTS. We sent our crew on board and they installed over a number of weeks without significantly disrupting the operation of the ship. These are the types of tasks we are very much looking forward to solving again. So it seems that the development is following SMM’s predictions this time”, Simon Øland.

What did you learn at SMM 2018?