3WIS on the Danfoss site

3WIS on the Danfoss site

3WIS has just completed a task in welding and documentation of construction steel on the Danfoss site

Building steel EN-1090-2 EXC 2 and 3

3WIS has finished a task on Danfoss site in Kolding. Here 13,000 sqm of retail stores will be built opposite Kolding Storcenter. 3WIS was attached to ensure the correct welding and welding documentation of the basic and load-bearing steel structures in cooperation with the customer. The work had to be carried out in accordance with the EN 1090-2 EXC2 and 3. 3WIS has therefore had their regular time on the site for some months. A permanent welding coordinator was assigned to ensure proper implementation and welding technical supervision of the team’s welds.

Retrieved in time

At 3WIS we have been pleased with the task, where we have experienced being associated with timely in the process. “The fact that we are brought in so early in the process means that we can implement a much more good and effective quality assurance. It gives us a completely different base to work from and removes a lot of noise and uncertainties. And it also means that we create much more value for our customer. Because we are now helping them avoid problems – rather than solving them after they have arisen,” says Kim Jacobsen, CEO of 3WIS, and continues

… and that’s exactly what we want to show our customers. That they can save a lot of costly errors by thinking the welding management into the planning phase.

Kenneth Pedersen

An informed customer does not need to be a specialist

However, Kenneth Pedersen, responsible welding coordinator and welding inspector at 3WIS, expresses in addition that this obviously places some requirements on e.g. the builder and general contractor. They must be aware that this is a task which contains some requirements for export. At the same time, However, Kenneth Pedersen stresses that this does not mean that the customer has to be a specialist.

We don’t expect the customer to know everything about welding and CE marking of building steel when they call us – we’ll help them with that. The important thing is that they are aware that there are some requirements and that they then address someone who specializes in handling the planning and implementation of the task so that it is accessed with due care.

Kenneth Pedersen

At 3WIS it has therefore been a pleasure to work with a customer who is just showing an understanding of quality and compliance with requirements.