3WIS included in Achilles JQS & Utilities NCE

3WIS included in Achilles JQS & Utilities NCE

3WIS is now included in the supplier databases Achilles JQS and Nordic Utilities & Central Europe, which focus on oil/gas and energy/supply.

Cooperation at the forefront

Director Kim Jacobsen says that the reason for joining both Achilles and UNCE is the prospect of new tasks.

We know that we meet the requirements of the two qualification systems. At the same time, we have already accumulated a lot of experience with welding services within energy, gas and supply. So when our customers want us to join these databases – of course we do. We want to make our customers happy and facilitate their work processes, while optimising our own opportunities to win tasks. We see it solely as a strengthening of our cooperation with our customers. At the same time, of course, there is the possibility of encountering tasks that you would never have been given the opportunity to offer.

Kim Jacobsen

Achilles JQS

… is a collection of suppliers that focus on the oil and gas industry in Northern Europe. As you know, it requires a pre-qualification to gain access. This should be ensure the quality level among the participating suppliers. Achilles has over 25 years of experience in matching buyers and suppliers and have created a system that forms the procurement of power lines, manages risk and enables compliance with relevant EU procurement directives. In the database, the database 3241 qualified suppliers. More on Achilles HERE.

3WIS has Achilles ID 61460

Utilities Nordic & Central Europe

… is a newer supplier community that combines the two previous systems for energy and utilities. Connexio and Sellihca have been assembled under one roof and have both Central and Northern Europe as their targets. UNCE ensures streamlining of the selection of suppliers, while at the same time the requirements of the supplier’s level ensure that they meet the eu regulations. The database currently has 5000 qualified Suppliers. More about UNCE HERE.

3WIS has UNCE ID 118659