New welding coordinator for 3WIS

New welding coordinator for 3WIS

New welding coordinator 3W IndustriService

Pressure on welding coordination

An increased number of complicated tasks with associated documentation has created a need to expand the staff with a new welding coordinator. 3WIS is therefore pleased to welcome Jesper Rene Thrysøe Madsen. CEO Kim Jacobsen gives an insight into the development underlying the new hiring: “Our welding coordinators have lifted a large load for a long period of time.We have got a good hold of the wind market, which is why we now need more coordinators to draw on.

We need to be able to help our customers when they need it – not just when we have time!

3WIS is committed to a small and adaptable administrative staff. Here, the welding coordinators must also be ready to jump into the workshop if necessary.

“For us, it is very important to have flexible and versatile welding coordinators. In addition to the documentation side, they must have a craftsmanship background and solid experience in welding. We clearly believe that it gives them a better ability to do their jobs. We also have projects where it is important to have our welding coordinator with onsite, in order to follow a particularly complicated task well in goal. We will have a much better opportunity to do that now. “,

Kim Jacobsen

Ready for new challenges as welding coordinator

For Jesper Rene Thrysøe Madsen himself, it was the opportunity to use his IWS training more that made the change of job relevant:

I am trained and have worked as a welder for many years. I’ve been around, among other things. Lindø, NR Steel, Kemp & Lauritzen and been part offshore for FH Contractors. In 2017, I was trained as an IWS – I see it as a form of future-proofing. Because this is a tough business to be in. Once I’m 50, I probably can’t lie crawling around the bottom of a ship. That’s why it’s important for me to start using my IWS education. So I can really build a solid experience. I would rather not grow up and I like to take up a challenge, so I feel ready to take this next step in my professional development. The opportunity to combine so that I both become sharp on the documentation and still get to use my artisanal skills therefore suits me very well.

And at 3WIS we are also looking forward to drawing on the new skills: “We are now getting to know Jesper – and vice versa – but we are very much looking forward to connecting him to our experienced welding coordinators, so he will be trained in our QM, HSE and our digital welding documentation system, so he can do a lot of good for our customers, concludes a satisfied director.