Urgent task – 30 pipes, 26 hours for installation and one happy customer!

Urgent task – 30 pipes, 26 hours for installation and one happy customer!


In week 42, an urgent task from the maritime sector landed at 3WIS. And already Wednesday of the same week one of 3WIS’s IWS’s flew to Middlesborough, UK, where a ship was in port. On Thursday, ventilation pipes were surveyed for the ballast water system, and blueprints were drawn up for the ready set workshop in Munkebo, where certified welders and just over 2 tons of carbon steel divided on 20 pipes was ready.


Upon reception of the first drawing, the workshop immediately started and produced in parallel with the continued surveying on board the ship. The survey was completed on Thursday evening, after which our IWS’s turned back towards the workshop in Munkebo to overlook the production both on Friday and Saturday. In the workshop, work was carried out on both day and day night shift. In parallel with production, preparation and packaging for installation was carried out. An installation 3WIS’s team had been given a period of 26-30 hours to complete. All pipes were finished welded and ready to depart for galvanization late Saturday night.


At 20:00 on Sunday evening, the ship arrived in Funen, where it was to be in port for about 30 hours. Here, 3WIS’s employees were already ready to board. After 26 hours, 3WIS’ team was able to abandon the ship again – including a class approval of all installed pipes. And a satisfied customer could see the ship ready to sail ahead as planned. All this would not be successful if we did not have a team of skilled employees and some very serious partners, who understand our need for their service in an urgent task like this. A big thank you to Dan-Equip, MoseTechnology, BAS cranes and DOT – and not at least to our dedicated team.