New Service Manager – Kim S. Skovgaard

New Service Manager – Kim S. Skovgaard

At 3WIS, we are very pleased to announce that we will be expanding the staff with a new manager.

New Service Manager

As of 01/09-2020 Kim S. Skovgaard started as Service Manager at 3WIS. Kim Skovgaard has particularly strong competences within the maritime sector, which has been developed over a number of years at Semco Maritime. And here, knowledge of Kim’s abilities and profile is also founded. CEO of 3WIS, Kim Jacobsen has worked with Kim Skovgaard for 15 years and is very much looking forward to restoring a strong cooperation. As Service Manager, Kim Skovgaard will handle 3WIS’s global service tasks within the industry, wind and maritime sectors.

A well-known face in new position

CEO Kim Jacobsen is pleased with the addition of a familiar face: “I have worked with Kim for 15 years. We know each other for good and evil, and know exactly what we ourselves, and the other, stand for. I am therefore very pleased that we have been given the opportunity to associate Kim Skovgaard. At 3WIS, we have acquired a number of new opportunities and customers that require an expansion of the staff. We believe that Kim Skovgaard matches both this profile and our company very well. “

We have been very much looking forward to welcoming Kim to 3WIS.