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New Head of Operations

New Head of Operations at 3WIS will expand the business foundation with engineering, turnkey projects & end-to-end project management for renewables.

New Service Manager – Kim S. Skovgaard

At 3W IndustriService, we are very pleased to announce that we will be expanding the staff with a new manager.

Approval for production of food contact materials

At 3W IndustriService, we are very pleased to report that we have just received our food approval from the Danish Food Authority under the Ministry of Environment and Food.

Urgent task – 30 pipes, 26 hours for installation and one happy customer!

During the autumn break, a dedicated team of employees at 3W IndustriService solved an exciting urgent task.

New welding coordinator for 3WIS

3W IndustriService expands staff with another IWS-trained welding coordinator

3WIS tests digital welding documentation

3W IndustriService has for some time served as a testing company for Worksystem's bid for a digital solution for welding documentation.

3WIS included in Achilles JQS & Utilities NCE

3W IndustriService is now included in the supplier databases Achilles JQS and Utilities Nordic & Central Europe, which focus on oil/gas and energy/supply.

3WIS on the Danfoss site

3W IndustriService has just completed a task in welding and documentation of building steel on the Danfoss site

3WIS checks of 3

3W IndustriService has carried out a successful audit with Avancert

Windswept hair – again

At 3W IndustriService it has become a renewed acquaintance with a good friend. The company has again stepped in as a supplier in the wind industry.