Service & maintenance

Service, shutdown, revisions and ongoing maintenance at power plants, refineries, transformer stations and other industrial facilities.

Welding technical planning and control, QA/QC on projects & manufacturing of steel structures with full documentation


” We service power plants and associated utilities facilities. We solve critical welding tasks with minimal downtime and maximum quality

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Our skilled certificate welders and installers participate in both ongoing maintenance and service tasks, as well as in the safe and efficient execution of major shutdowns and audits


Our IWI-S trained welding coordinators and welding inspectors can handle planning of your welding tasks with a focus on quality, efficiency &safety


Our team solves tasks ranging from industrial service maintenance & repair, over mechanical and maxial work, to the manufacture of new pipe & steel structures, the execution of complicated welding including boiler, inconel and mirror welding.


We offer not only specialized certificate welders, but also presidents, supervisors, site managers as well as QA/QC specialists who all have experience running tasks and sites in an efficient and secure manner.


We have solved tasks at both power plants, CHP plants nuc
lear power stations and associated plants in most of northern Europe.


In our ISO-certified workshop, our experienced employee
s produce skids, spools, pipe & steel structures as well as lifting and safety equipment.

Top up of specialists in utilities

We solve crew problems for our customers by providing specialists for the energy, utilities and industry sectors.

At peak and crunch-time we can deliver exactly the additional skills that our customers lack. The advantage for our customers is that they only have costs for as long, as we are needed.


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Simon Øland

Sales & Project Management

+ 45 27 818 818

Contact for projects in wind, welding and manpower

Kim Skovgaard

Service Manager

+ 45 22 810 096

Contact for global service asignments