Certified welding

Certified welding


Welding specialist

We focus on skilled employees, high quality and meeting your deadlines!

With this focus, we create a great product for our customers. We are specialists in certificate welding and solve tasks within pipe production, steel construction and assembly.

Our skilled welding coordinators ensure that your welding tasks are carried out to the right standard and with the proper documentation. And our experienced welders ensure efficient and quality-conscious production.

As a certified supplier our main focus is providing high quality solutions that satisfies our clients.


We supply certified welding in pipe, coil and construction work in all types of  metals and plastics.
All our welders are fully certified


All types of black, construction and high strength steel, high alloy in e.g. acid solid, duplex, superduplex, CuNiFe, SMO, aluminum and PE & PP


Special welding for:
Wind – Trafo, Yaw ring, Service
Energy – Industrial Services Construction – CE-labelled steel
Marine – Service


Own ISO-certified workshop where we offer manufacture of spools, pipe packs, skids and units in addition to on-site assembly, installation & service


Simon Øland - Sales & Projects

Simon Øland


+ 45 27 818 818

Contact for projects in wind, welding and manpower

Kim Skovgaard - Global Service Manager

Kim Skovgaard

Head of Service

+ 45 22 810 096

Contact for global service solutions

First and foremost we are welding nerds – and we will always remain so

Kim Jacobsen – CEO

Steel construction

We have extensive experience in production,
installation & CE marking of construction steel.