Conceptual repairs

At 3WIS we have through our experience with offering structural repair solutions on heavy steel components, developed specific conceptual repair procedures, that offers a cost effective alternative solution to procedures that usually require a large amount of resources.

Cost effective solutions with an increased availability

The main value clients receive by benefitting from our conceptual repair solutions, are a combination of cost reduction, minimized downtime and maintenance efficiency. Through compliance and increased asset availability & performance, you also contribute to sustainability and reduced environmental impact.

Our conceptual repair solutions

Yaw Ring Repair
Pitch Gear Repair
Mainframe repair

Effective on-site yaw ring repair

At 3WIS we have developed our own yaw ring repair procedure that enables on-site repair. Hereby reducing costs and minimizing downtime, with no need for spare part exchange or lifting operations. Replacing the yaw ring usually requires detaching of the nacelle through cranes, involving a large amount of resources.

Our yaw ring repair procedure is performed on-site, repairing only the worn-down teeth, and thereby reducing the downtime of the turbine to only a few days.

The procedure is certified and approved in accordance to ISO and EN standards. As an OEM or owner & operator of assets, minimizing maintenance cost and maximizing your assets availability and performance is essential.

Furthermore, our yaw ring repair method contributes to enhanced sustainability, through a faster repair proces and a smaller impact on the environment.
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Cost-effective concept for enhanced wind turbine performance

At 3WIS, we have developed an innovative solution for repairing electrical pitch gears on wind turbines, specifically focusing on the pitch gear ring. Our unique repair procedure enables on-site repairs, resulting in significant cost reductions and minimized downtime. The best part? Similar to our yaw ring repair solution, there is no need for spare part exchange or complex lifting operations which is typically required when replacing the yaw ring.
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Customized Mainframe Repair Procedures

The mainframe is a critical component that bears the weight of the nacelle and rotor assembly. A crack or structural damage in the mainframe can compromise the overall structural integrity of the wind turbine. 

This can lead to instability, vibrations, or even collapse if not addressed promptly. At 3WIS we have developed our own unique conceptual repair solution for the mainframe, that involves removing old weldings, to remove all deterioration. Followed by pre-treatment and refilling of the open area, step-by-step, until the structure is fully enforced. 

This solution is implemented fast and cost-friendly, as it can be done up-tower without the need for heavy-lifting equipment, that involves taking down the nacelle. Depending on the exact location of the mainframe, that is damaged, we either have an existing exact procedure for the job or we will develop a new procedure to solve the work.
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Reinforcing as preventive maintenance

The conceptual repair solution of reinforcing is a procedure we have developed for preventive maintenance. Reinforcing the mainframe early on when deterioration is detected helps maintain the structural integrity of the wind turbine before an actual damage appears. By addressing the issue promptly, turbine owners can prevent further damage and potential failures that could lead to costly downtime and repairs. With other words, the reinforcing procedure has a life-extending outcome on the turbine. In comparison to a potential failure on the turbine, that results in downtime, the solution is highly cost-friendly and can be implemented within a few days. Overall, the solution has various positive outcomes for the wind turbine:

- Extended Lifetime of the structure
- Cost savings on service agreements
- Increased energy production throughout the turbine’s lifetime, due to reduced downtime
- Long-term investment towards turbine owners

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