Feasibility studies: Investing in cost-efficient and validated project execution! 

Feasibility and validation studies makes us able to test and develop various repair methods before implementing them on-site, thus providing validated and documented repair solutions that mitigate the risk of technical, financial, and operational aspects. 

The method is typically applied in more complex repair projects and is designed to determine: 

  1. best suitable repair method, AND
  2. to identify potential issues that could arise during the repair process. 

Recently we completed a test and validation project to document a repair concept we have been working on for one of our clients. 

The study 

After detecting welding flaws, compromising the strength of the weld of the bottom flange of the wind turbine towers, our client reached out to get answers on the following questions:  

  1. Is it possible to repair and perform NDT on the detected welding flaws?
  2. AND is it possible to repair the welding flaws from the outside of the wind turbine tower, without removing the stud bolts? 

With the project scope defined, we manufactured a mock-up of a tower, simulating the welding defects and thereafter tested the validity of the repair concept. The aim was to create a validated, and documented repair solution to our clients before the actual repair campaign on-site which not only solve the technical issue, but also mitigate on the overall complexity and HSE related concerns. On this basis we concluded on the repair method which is applicable for the actual situation on-site. 

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