At 3WIS we are dedicated to providing exceptional welding repair solutions tailored specifically to the Wind, Marine, and Energy industries. One of the pillars of our approach is our expertise in engineering, which plays a crucial role in creating and delivering reliable and validated repair solutions.

Minimizing costs and maximizing availability and performance of your assets

Through Engineering, we provide everything from concept development to testing and validation of repair solutions to reduce expensive down-time of your assets.

Value added engineering

Project Management
Root cause analysis
feasibility study
Test & Validation

Full-scope project management 

To ensure an efficient execution, by relieving resources from our clients and overall create a smooth project implemention, we offer full-scope project management, to ensure a successful repair solution.

Rather than solely offering a repair solution, we can undertake the full scope from root-cause analysis, throughout engineering of solutions, testing and validation, and implementation and documentation on site .
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Identify exposed structures and avoid expensive downtime

When applied to identifying potential errors in steel structures that require repair, Root Cause Analysis aims to determine the fundamental reasons behind the issues observed. It uncovers the root causes of failures rather than just addressing immediate symptoms, that are apparent during a breakdown or failure. By analyzing a failure through Root Cause Analysis we are able to identify potential failures in similar structures elsewhere and create the right solution and acceptance criteries for implementation on site.
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Investing in cost-efficient and validated project execution

A Feasibility Study is a systematic and comprehensive analysis that aims to assess the viability and success of a repair solution. The study is performed before implementing a solution on-site or making any critical decisions in regard to repairing your asset. The purpose of a feasibility study is to determine whether the project is technically, financially, operationally, and environmentally feasible, before implementation. With our engineering team we are able to conduct the entire feasibility study at our own facility, where we also are able to manufacture mockups and validation studies.
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Secured procedures before implementation

In continuation of a feasibility study, we perform controlled tests and validations of our repair solutions to ensure the procedures are certified and that the quality standards meet the requested criterias before implementation. 

By simplifying a complex project into a feasibility study, we are able to combine theory and pratice, thus mitigating both risks and costs"

- Daniel Stenstrup, Chief Operating Officer

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