About us

3WIS is founded on strong competencies within welding and steel structures while being specialized in traditional NDT inspections, advanced NDT and QA/QC services within the wind, energy & marine industry. By combining engineering, inspection and welding, we can service all aspects of a maintenance or repair processes. 

"We have already initiated the next step in the development of 3WIS by merging the executing competencies of our business and the solutions provided by our project- & engineering department"

- Simon Øland, CEO 3WIS

Historical Timeline


3WIS was founded

3W Industry Service is founded by Simon Øland near Lindø Shipyard in the town of Munkebo, Denmark. From the beginning in 2018, 3WIS focuses solely on offering specialized welding repair solutions and structural repairs towards heavy steel structures. 

3WIS educates internal NDT inspectors

Due to increasing demands of inspection services, 3WIS begins to educate and certify employees within NDT level 2 inspection work. The certified inspectors have a strong background within welding repairs, thus offering our customers a strong and valuable asset to handle inspections and advanced NDT projects.

3WIS opens new office in Esbjerg, Denmark

In 2021 3WIS opens the first office outside Munkebo. Appointed as the Danish energy metropolis, the location in Esbjerg makes 3WIS able to build a local organization with close relations to clients. Today, the office in Esbjerg is the official headquarters of 3WIS. 

Engineering and Project Management becomes a part of our solutions

In 2022 3WIS begins to offer full scope repair solutions to clients. By the establishment of a new project and engineering department, 3WIS are now able to handle and lead entire repair projects, including pre and post NDT inspections, feasibility studies, test and validation and repair procedures. Being a full scope solution provider, 3WIS contributes to mitigate risks, minimize costs and maximize availability and performance of assets, bringing wind turbines, marine vessels and power stations back into production.    

3WIS opens a local office in UK

I the spring of 2023, 3WIS opens a local office in Newcastle upon Tyne. Led by Stephen Chambers, Head of NDT & Inspection at 3WIS, the main focus of the new office is to provide direct support and handle all advanced NDT and inspection tasks on a global scale.


At 3WIS, we are committed to delivering the highest level of quality in all our repair solutions. Our core values of professionalism, quality and trust guide every aspect of our operations and serve as the foundation of our company.

Our team consists of dedicated experts who bring extensive knowledge and experience to every project. We are committed to delivering the highest level of quality in our welding repair solutions, and we prioritize efficiency to mitigate risks and costs. From the initial planning stages to project execution and beyond.

Trust is the cornerstone of our relationships. We are dedicated to earning and maintaining the trust of our clients, partners, and employees. We prioritize open and honest communication, deliver on our promises, and honor our commitments.


Creating global repair solutions through Engineering, Inspection & Welding


At 3WIS we strive to be the preferred partner within structural repair solutions and steel inspections

Certified quality and safety specialists

At 3WIS we are a responsible supplier of turnkey repair solutions. Through our work we put a lot of effort in delivering state of the art quality and safety measures. To ensure our solutions we work according to international and regional standards, through the ISO-certification network.