3WIS is built on the foundations of specialized welding and structural repair solutions that involves development and certification of unique welding procedures. Furthermore, we have the ability and flexibility to create new welding procedures when needed.

Dedicated team with extensive welding experience

Furthermore, we have the ability and flexibility to create task specific welding qualification records to meet your needs. 

Welding repair solutions for the wind, marine & energy industry

Wind industry repairs
Marine industry repairs
Energy industry repairs
Yaw Ring Repair

Lead provider of structural welding repair solutions towards the wind industry

At 3WIS we perform structural repair of primary and secondary steel structures towards the wind industry, from uptower repairs towards lower/upper flance, array frameworks and foundations repair. We have here solved cases for all the major OEM´s and Developers in the industry.
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Identify exposed structures and avoid expensive downtime

We have extended experience in performing welding repair solutions on large vessels, on all major bearings, scrubber systems, ballast water treatment systems, as well as various engine components that requires certified welding procedure to secure a sustainable repair solution. In many cases we can perform the repair solutions “on the go” without need for the vessel being at shore. Hereby we enable a reduce expensive delays for the vessel owners. Ultimately, we offer prefabrication of pipes and spools at our own facility within required ISO and EN standards.
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Specialized welding repair solutions targeted energy production facilities

Power plants, power stations, oil refineries and industrial facilities are among some of the facilities that we offer structural repair solutions towards. One of the key strengths of our company lies in our ability to develop certified procedures for various repair applications. Whether you require repairs on critical components, pipelines, or structural elements, we have the knowledge and experience to create precise and reliable repair procedures that meet the rigorous standards of the energy sector.

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Effective on-site yaw ring repair 

At 3WIS we have developed our own yaw ring repair procedure that enables on-site repair. Hereby reducing costs and minimizing downtime, with no need for spare part exchange or lifting operations. Replacing the yaw ring usually requires detaching of the nacelle through cranes, involving a large amount of resources. 

Our yaw ring repair procedure is performed on-site, repairing only the worn-down teeth, and thereby reducing the downtime of the turbine to only a few days.

The procedure is certified and approved in accordance to ISO and EN standards. As an OEM or owner & operator of assets, minimizing maintenance cost and maximizing your assets availability and performance is essential. 

Furthermore, our yaw ring repair method contributes to enhanced sustainability, through a faster repair proces and a smaller impact on the environment. 

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