3WIS provides specialized welding and structural repair solutions that involves development and certification of unique welding procedures. We have the ability and flexibility to create new welding procedures for any given project and client.

We perform high quality welding services.

Certified class 4 EN 1090-1 and ISO 3834-2 welding specialists.

Welding repair solutions for the wind, marine & energy industry

Aluminum Welding
Pipe Welding
structural  welding
stainless steel welding

Enhancing the longevity and structural integrity

We are experts in aluminum welding solutions and dedicated to enhancing the longevity and structural integrity of aluminum structures and piping.

Our welding repair solutions ensure that the structures stay safe and effective. We perform welding repairs on everything from heavy duty equipment to secondary structures like staircases, landings, and other aluminum structures. Our welding services includes repairing damages such as cracks, corrosions, and deteriorations of the aluminum structure, AND rebuilding of piping systems.
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District heating plants, bio, gas, and power plants.

Pipe welding plays a critical role in the construction and maintenance of district heating plants, bio, gas, and power plants.

Our services within pipe welding can be divided into three main areas. For district heating plants, bio, gas and power plants we offer several services within pipe welding e.g., construction of piping systems, retrofit and maintenance. 
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Repairing load-carrying structures within wind, marine & energy

We perform structural welding, repairing frameworks and load-carrying structures on primary structures within wind turbines, marine engines, and power plants.

We perform structural welding on both steel and aluminum and our structural welding process can include both inspection, engineering, welding and NDT.

By enabling all our inhouse competencies of skilled inspectors, engineers, and welding technicians, we can solve any issue, whilst our project management service ensures an efficient and smooth process.
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Welding repair on stainless steel structures

Our welding services include welding repair on stainless steel structures.

Within the marine and energy industry, stainless steel is widely used for components exposed to seawater or pipelines within the energy sector due to the material’s resistance to rust and corrosion.

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