Fabrication facilities

Our workshop is located in Munkebo, Denmark and functiones as a natural part of our repair projects. The facility makes us capable to prefabricate parts, structures and components, and provides us with a space to perform tasks that implies a strong emphasis on engineering skills, such as test and validation studies of our repair solutions. 

Prefabricating and testing at our workshop

We use our workshop to prefabricate spare parts, create mock-ups, perform feasibility studies and test and validate our repair solutions before implementing them on-site. 

In-house fabrication at our own facility

Preparing, prefabricating & testing

Our workshop makes us capable of preparing on-site repair solutions, and manufacture the needed parts to support our projects prior to initiating them on-site.

Therefore, our workshop becomes a natural part of our projects, making us capable of preparing, prefabricating, and testing our designs.

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