Non-destructive testing

Flexible NDT Inspection

Independent supplier of NDT inspection, 3WIS handles the execution of VI, LPI, MPI,  UT & ECT.

With our feet firmly planted in the welding world we have a great understanding for the necessity of correct and flexible execution of NDT inspection.

We therefore work with a practice of adapting our inspection process to the needs of our customers without compromising on quality. Our Level 2 and Level 3 trained NDT inspectors service customers in several different industries and are for example fully equipped with full GWO package and HUET. Equally we offer NDT inspection and testing via rope access.

Visual Inspection (VI)

Liquid Penetrant (LPI) Magnetic Particle (MPI) Ultrasonic Testing (UT, PAUT, TOFD) Eddy Current Testing (ECT)


Go-to specialist in inspection of leaks & cracks & corrosion.

Consulting & development of RAMS, WI & all types of procedures for NDT


Inspection technical planning

In-situ QA / QC 3rd party control of production, products & documents Client Representation


ISO 9001:2015 ISO3834-2:2008

EN 1090-2 EXC4 ISO 45001 ISO 14001 Danish Veterinary and Food Administration


Kenneth Pedersen

NDT Level 2

+ 45 60 125 146

Contact for WPS/WPQR, welding  & NDT inspection planning

Simon Øland - Sales & Projects

Simon Øland

NDT Level 2

+ 45 27 818 818

Contact for projects in wind, welding & manpower

“As ONE STOP SHOP with a full skill set, we have a unique profile, a fast response time and a flexible project execution without waiting between the joints”

Kim Jacobsen – COO, 3WIS

NDT PT Liquid Penetrant inspektion 3WIS
NDT UT Ultralyd inspektion 3WIS

Certificate welding

Our skilled welders are certified & have gathered experience from a range of different types of tasks